names of CSQ where the call dequeued

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Jun 24th, 2010
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i have a scenario where there are 2 CSQs, if a call is queued for CSQ1 and was not answered by CSQ1's agent, it will be dequeued from CSQ1 then routed to and queued for CSQ2 ... my question .. is it possible to add any get contact/reporting info step in my script so that when the call is handeled by CSQ2's agent as per the scenario just described so that this call to be represented on CAD desktop with the names of CSQs the call was routed to before getting answered by the CSQ2's agent .... in other words, CSQ2's agent when answering the call will see on his CAD desktop that the call was queued on CSQ1 then dequeued from CSQ1 and routed to CSQ2 so it got answered by this agent. what do u guys think that doable?

if not, is there a way to get this info (names of CSQs dequeued from and CSQs queued for) on Historical Reporting since as far as i know, i can only get total number of calls dequeued on CSQ on "Contact Service Queue Activity Report (by CSQ) and (by interval)


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Nathan Luk Thu, 06/24/2010 - 18:29
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I'd just assign the name of CSQ1 to a PeripheralVariable (say PeripheralVariable1) using a Set Enterprise Call Info step before you hit the select step for the first CSQ and then once it dequeues and hits the second CSQ, set another variable (say PeripheralVariable2) to be the name of the 2nd CSQ and then setup CAD so that both variables are displayed on the desktop so then the agent will know if there are ever 2 values in there that it overflowed from another CSQ before hitting them.



Jonathan Schulenberg Fri, 06/25/2010 - 05:16
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Does the Call Activity (lower-right) section of CAD not show this to you natively? It is designed to show the trigger, CSQs and agents the call has been offered to.

Majdi Harb Fri, 06/25/2010 - 05:47
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thanks guys ... but what about Historical Reporting .. can this be viewed on the HR reports .. i can see only number of calls dequeued from CSQ1 to CSQ2 but not CSQ1 name where the call dequeued from.


Gabriel Saavedra Fri, 06/25/2010 - 08:50
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With the Agent Detail Report you can see, for every call that an agent receive, if those calls were queued in another CSQ. So in the column "cal routed CSQ" you can see the name of the CSQ that handle the call, but also in the column "other CSQs" you can see the name of the other CSQs to which the call was queued. Of course this is for every handle call, if you want to see also the abandon calls you can use the  Abandoned Call Detail Activity Report, in the column "Call Routed CSQ" shows the names of up to the first 5 CSQs to which the call was queued.



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