Configuring two 128 Kbps ISDNL line one 256 Kbps ISDN Line

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Jun 26th, 2010

I want to connect 3 branches with ISDN line . All the branches bandwidth requirement is 256 Kbps . As I have suggested the combining 2 ISDN line in to 1 ISDN line by Multilink Group. I have confussion over the configuration .

interface BRI2/0      

encapsulation ppp

dialer rotary-group 1

isdn spid1 0835866201 

isdn spid2 0835866401


interface BRI2/1

encapsulation ppp

dialer rotary-group 1

isdn spid1 0835867201

isdn spid2 0835967401


interface Dialer1

ip unnumbered Ethernet0/0

encapsulation ppp

dialer in-band

dialer map ip name kdt-nas 8358661

dialer load-threshold 100 either

dialer-group 1

ppp authentication chap callin

ppp multilink

// I don't have the SPID no , I have the ISDN No should i add the country code as well before the We DN no or how it will be in case only ISDN no .  Our ISDN no is 968-24609638 , 639 . Kindl assist me to configure the ISDN .

Correct Answer by spremkumar about 6 years 8 months ago


i guess its a point to point ISDN line between your locations, as far as i know you dont need to have SPID instead you can configure the remote peer isdn no.

below link provides you a simple sample config which you can try out there..


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