RVS4000: Block Access to Proxy HTTP Server?

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Jun 27th, 2010
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I was wondering if anyone here is using a  feature to block access to proxy HTTP servers? This doesn't necessarily  have to be related to RVS4000 ('cause I believe other devices have it  also), although this is the router I'm using. The feature description is  as follows:

If local users have access to WAN proxy  servers, they may be able to circumvent the Router's content filters and  access Internet sites blocked by the Router. Denying Proxy will block  access to any WAN proxy servers.

Now, if I got this  right, this option (if checked) is supposed to hinder LAN users from  using/accessing sites like:





so  I don't have to block each URL individually?

If so, the  problem is that in my case it doesn't work.

The only difference resulted from enabling this feature are log entries like:

Jun 26 14:41:25  - [Firewall Log-Filter] TCP Packet - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:44541 -->
Jun 26 18:41:21  - [Firewall Log-Filter] TCP Packet - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:60935 -->

I've checked - this is Skype website (I use Skype, but these occur unprovoked by me, and visiting the website produces nothing).

Clearly this happens every 4 hours. The same goes for otherhosts  in my LAN, although with some other valid web sites.

My question is: have I  misinterpreted the feature description or is it broken?

Any  help is appreciated.


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