Problem: Slow update of SNMP-Information on stack-members

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Jun 28th, 2010
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i have some 3750E switchstacks and use snmp to monitor the bandwidthusage. Sending the snmp-requests - in fact I use the oid's and (in/out octets) - to the stackmaster works fine and a clear graph is displayed. Monitoring a port on a stackmember (e.g. oid for port 15 on switch 2) results in peaks like this:


First I assumed that the switch needs to much time to answer the request, but the cpu usage is normal (~5-10%) and a snmp-manual request is answered instantly. Some more manual requests revealed that the octet-counter is not updatet for seconds!

Next thought: Maybe the switch is faulty. So i replaced it with a reserve switch. Guess what - the same problem...

Then i tried to swap the stackroles. Now switch 1 is the stackmember and switch 2 is the stackmaster. The counters on switch 2 are updated in realtime, the counters on switch 1 are updated in seconds! What's that????

Has anybody an idea to update the switchmember-counters like them of switchmaster?

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