AS5350 + Channel Bank

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I'm trying to hook up an ADIT 600 Channel Bank with a dual t1 card and FXS modules.  I need to provide CAS fxo-loop-start signalling to the channel bank.  For some reason fxo-ground-start and fxo-loop-start are not options when creating a ds0-group.  I tried three different IOS versions. Does anyone know what I'm missing?




prdc-t1-sw(config-controller)#ds0-group 0 timeslots 1-16 type ?
  e&m-fgb              E & M Type II FGB
  e&m-fgd              E & M Type II FGD
  e&m-immediate-start  E & M Immediate Start
  fgd-eana             FGD Exchange Access North American
  fgd-os               FGD Operator Services
  fxs-ground-start     FXS Ground Start
  fxs-loop-start       FXS Loop Start
  none                 Null Signalling for External Call Control
  r1-itu               R1 ITU
  sas-ground-start     SAS Ground Start
  sas-loop-start       SAS Loop Start

I have this problem too.
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