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Jun 28th, 2010

Hi CCA Dev Team,

I was wondering if it would be at all possible for the following to occur:

  • Allow for a print out of the system build once you get to the end of the Telephony Wizard, this would be very useful to compare it against what data collection was done, and also make life easier to product some basic documentation for the clients System Admin/I.T Manager
  • A Topology Print out at the end of the Telephony Wizard based on the information provide, for instance incoming calls to FXO ports will go to Blast1 EXT:500, so not only is it showing equipment in the topology but also a call flow topology as well

They are just wish lists, but man they would save a lot of time when it comes to having to draw everything up in Visio.



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Alberto Montilla Tue, 06/29/2010 - 02:17

Hi David;

Thanks for your requests. I'm forwarding this to the CCA product manager, so that they are taken into consideration.


David Trad Wed, 06/30/2010 - 14:34

Hi Alberto,

Thanks for the update.

Whilst your at it, is it possible you can talk to them about another feature?

Since CCA loves to flood the config with DN's that are not being used, is there any way say in the voice tab we are able to see them instead of just the phones that are programmed? I.e "View DN" tab?

We need something as I would like a way to delete the excess without using CLI, and would like a way to program them for things like setting up permanent call forward DN's, configure the conferencing capabilities and a host of other functions.

We have a lot of systems deployed where we have all incoming calls come into DN's which forward to other DN's as part of the follow rules, and these buttons are reflected on the users phone as line 1 or line 3 etc..etc.. This is 50% or more of deployments so it would be good to use CCA instead of having to do it in CLI.

Just another thought.



MICHAEL JOHNSON Wed, 06/30/2010 - 22:37

I match David's want for the excess DN clean-up in CCA. We have to pull this out via CLI on EVERY install!

The first two original requests sound like great adds when they can be done.

David Trad Sun, 07/04/2010 - 23:23

Hi Alberto,

Can you please confirm if in the next version of CCA if we will have the ability to check a box to Disable the Data DHCP? But still have the ability to ensure that Vlans are configured correctly?

It is very...very..Very important that this feature be enabled in the coming version, most systems are being deployed these days where an SBS2003/8 server is residing and is the DHCP server.

This capability/ability is really needed.



David Harper Mon, 07/05/2010 - 00:53

Hi Dave,

I just checked the current engineering build of CCA for the next release, and I'm afraid it will not let you delete that VLAN.

While not trying to downplay the importance of the feature request, there are a couple of approaches you should be able to use as a workaround.  The first and simplest approach, but one I haven't tested yet, would be to simply set the DHCP exclusion range for the data VLAN to be the entire subnet (eg to  The DHCP server on the UC500 would continue to operate, but because there are no addresses available, it would never generate an offer.

The second approach is to create a different VLAN to use for the data subnet, leaving the default VLAN and its associated DHCP pool sitting idle.  But obviously this is quite a bit more work as you then need to change VLANs on the switch network as well.

Either of these workarounds don't require CLI, and should not generate any errors with CCA.  In particular if the first method does address the problem for you as I think it will, that should be a viable workaround until we can update CCA to allow the default data pool to be deleted.



David Trad Mon, 07/05/2010 - 01:10

G'day Dave

I am going to check out the suggestion of excluding the whole subnet, I have been sitting on that idea all day but was not sure if this could be done on the UC, I might also have to log in via CLI and make sure that the Option 150 is not enabled, I am guessing so long as that is not in use then it will not create major conflict with the SBS server. The real question is going to be if CCA will allow me to exclude the whole range

Again your input is valuable, I hope the feature request is a valid one and one that will be used by others, I am not entirley sure if I would be the only one to get frustrated with this or not.



David Trad Fri, 07/02/2010 - 02:40

Hi Alberto,

Sorry to do this to you again

This is based on a discussion from another thread, and also a feature request I asked about almost 11 months ago now

Is it possible to have a Soft Key that is called "ParkCall" or something to that affect, which when pressed shows you a list of parked calls, how long they have been parked for, and also the option to pickup the parked call. The end user can use the toggle keys to move up and down the list, and then press OK or a Resume soft key to allow for the pickup of that particular Parked call.

It is my opinion that sometimes these small features are what makes the system more user friendly and also usable for the end user, a phone should not be a complex maze, and that is the feed back I am getting a lot these days.



David Trad Mon, 07/05/2010 - 16:40

Hi All,

Happy to report that the exclusions on the whole scope seems to work for disabling the DHCP Data server on the UC560, this was tested in our LAB so I have yet to see the impact in a production environment, I can only hope it works without incident.

So i guess the only thing that needs to be incorporated into CCA is a tick box to disable the DHCP service and in the background it produces the exclusions for you.

I believe there shouldn't be any reason why this couldn't be done in the telephony wizard, however I point out if you modify the scope during the wizard process it 100% of the time produces for us a Null exception error, this was on both the 540 and the 560 machines, so we leave it as default and modify it after the wizard has finished.

Potentially one major pain the rear end possibly resolved.



Steven DiStefano Tue, 07/06/2010 - 06:17

Thanks for the positive confirmation.    Will pass the exception error to team you saw when adjusting scope in TSW.



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