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Jun 28th, 2010
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I have tried to connect to this device with UN/PW VPN with no  success.  I am using 4 different computers on two different networks and  nothing has worked.  So I am pretty sure it is not the computers.  I  have tried it with and without the Cert installed on the local client.  I  turned Logging on.  It is getting stuck at the following log:

Jun  28 07:04:51 - [VPN Log]: added connection description "test_rw_rw"

Jun  28 07:04:51 - [VPN Log]: listening for IKE messages

Jun 28  07:04:51 - [VPN Log]: forgetting secrets

Jun 28 07:04:51 - [VPN  Log]: loading secrets from "/etc/ipsec.secrets"

I believe at this  point is where it is timing out

Jun 28 07:05:51 - [VPN Log]:  "test_rw_rw": deleting connection

I believe that something  is happening with ipsec and is not working.  I have all services on the  laptops.  I tested it with my laptop that I have stripped down to allow  everything and run all needed services.  Any help would be greatly  appreciated.

Forgot to add that I am using Win7 and have  downloaded the new QVPN from Cisco Downloads.

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