Problem with extention mobility logout button on spa504g

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I followed documentation for extension mobility for spa504.

Problem is that after user profile is loaded I am not able to press logout button.

Here config of user profile.

  <EM_Enable ua="na">Yes</EM_Enable>

<Idle_Key_List ua="na">acd_login|1;acd_logout|1;dir|1;em_logout|2;em_login|3</Idle_Key_List>

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Patrick Born Wed, 06/30/2010 - 16:48

Hi smartnet,

You don't mention which documentation you followed so perhaps you have not yet seen this document:

Looking at the provided sample:




Change from:




Notice how both login and logout are at position 2?

This is because login will display at postion 2 when phone is not logged in.

When logged in, logout will display in position 2. They don't display at the same time.

I'd bet that the reason the phone does not display logout, is because the phone is not yet logged in. Carefully read the document I linked to. Notice that there are 3 potential profiles that the phone will pull.

1. It pulls the hostphone.cfg in the example profile. This profile displays the login and you cannot log out from this profile.

2. Once number 1 is met, you can press login and provide credentials. The phone pulls the mobilephone.cfg profile and loads it. You can log out of this profile, so this is the time that the logout softkey will display if properly configured.

3. The phone could pull the default profile if EM_Enable is not set or credentials have not been entered.

Here's a description of what happens, perhaps the colors will help make this easier to follow:

("$EMS" eq "mobile" and "$MUID" ne "" and "$MPWD" ne "") ? [--uid $MUID$PDOM

--pwd $MPWD] | ("$PUID" ne "" and "$PPWD"

ne "") ? [--uid $PUID$PDOM --pwd $PPWD] |

In the sample profile rule above, the logic is as follows:

If $EMS [mobile login state] resolves to mobile

  and if $MUID[mobile user ID] is not empty, that is it has been defined by a user typing an ID on the phone

     and if $MPWD[mobile password] is not empty, that is it has been defined by a user typing a password on the phone

  use $MUID$PDOM [mobile user ID and domain]

  and use $MPWD [mobile password] as credentials to request


If $PUID[phone user ID] is not empty, that is it has been defined by a user typing an ID on the phone

  and if $PPWD[phone password]  is not empty, that is it has been defined by a user typing a password on the phone

  use $PUID$PDOM [Phone user ID]

  and use $PPWD [Phone password] as credentials to request

Else request and load the phone's configuration from




Unfortunatly , not working .

So, I boot phone with file spa504g.cfg.

("$EMS" eq "mobile" and "$MUID" ne "" and "$MPWD" ne "") ? [--uid $MUID$PDOM --pwd $MPWD] http://server/dms/BV_CL_5xx/$PUID.xml | ("$PUID" ne "" and "$PPWD" ne "") ? [--uid $PUID$PDOM --pwd $PPWD] |




I see login button and I am triying to login.

First time phone trying to load spa504G.cfg but not $PUID.xml.

I am trying to login second time , phone rebooting and  he login to my profile.I see loggout button.

So I need to insert creditals twice. Why ?

Best regards


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