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Jun 29th, 2010

So I understand that an eToken is requried in order to do any security in Cisco UCM (phones, voice ports).  Is there any alternatives without using eTokens?

If the eTokens are required do we HAVE to use the Cisco USB eTokens (i believe the part number is KEY-CCM-ADMIN-K9)?  Can we use eTokens by Aladdin (which is a lot cheaper)?

And last why do we need 2 eTokens (from what I read in a document)?  Can we use only one eToken?

Any help to confirm these things would be great!

Thanks in advanced!


I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Jaime Valencia about 6 years 3 months ago

Yes, AFAIK that's the correct part number for the USB tokens



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Jaime Valencia Tue, 06/29/2010 - 13:44

Before you configure the Cisco CTL Client, verify  that you activated the Cisco CTL Provider service and the Cisco  Certificate Authority Proxy Function service in Cisco Unified  Serviceability. Obtain at least two security tokens; the Cisco  certificate authority issues these security tokens. The security tokens  must come from Cisco. You will insert the tokens one at a time into the  USB port on the server/workstation. If you do not have a USB port on the  server, you may use a USB PCI card.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Security  Guide, Release 8.0(2)

From "security by default" chapter on above link:

Note Secure Signaling and Media will still  require running the CTL Client and using the hardware eTokens.



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ryabutler Tue, 06/29/2010 - 14:31

Thanks Java!

So is this the part number for the Cisco eTokens required: KEY-CCM-ADMIN-K9

Thank you!



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