CCENT - are we being tested on topics that go beyond ICND1?

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Jun 29th, 2010
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OK this has been really eating at me for some time. I failed my first attempt at CCENT exam. Part of the reason was I was tested in depth on topics that go beyond the scope of what is taught in the ICND1 Cisco text book (and other training materials). After reading many other complaints in the forums I feel that Cisco has not done an adequate job in breaking the old CCNA down into two exams. Many that post here are not affected because they took the CCNA and don't have these issues. But for the beginner who has bought all of the materials (Cisco ICND1, Cisco Network Simulator, INE CCENT self paced training) I know what is covered and what is not. Here are my specific complaints and I want somebody out there from Cisco to comment on these discrepancies and let me know if I am off-base in any way:

  • Spanning Tree protocol questions were tested (going into which states the ports will go into ie blocking, forwarding) in ICND1 but all that is mentioned in the training materials I have say that it is to prevent switching loops and I get that - but the specifics are not covered until the ICND2 book.
  • Traceroute (specifically ICMP Time Exceeded messages etc) - again I totally understand why I do not know this. It is covered in the ICND2  book. Why is it on the ICND1 test?
  • VLSM is on the ICND1 test and is covered in the ICND2 book. They could  have done a better job splitting this information up in 2 different  tests.
  • RIP questions about auto-summarization are tested on  ICND1 that is not fully  explained until ICND2.

The CCENT is harder for new-comers and in my view is a failure (and a money drain)  for students who purchased all the materials Cisco offers for ICND1 when  more is actually required and not covered until ICND2. This is not the way it should be. It is unfair and deceptive and leaves those that study ICND1 Cisco books unprepared to take and pass the CCENT exam. I feel like Cisco owes be a refund for testing beyond the scope of what we are supposed to be prepared for. If I wanted ICND2 questions I would take the CCNA exam now wouldn't I? Yes I know these things for my second time around but it's just not right. It's the principle of the matter here that's the issue. New comers need to know this before taking the ICND1 until Cisco either changes the test or adds those tested topics to the ICND1 cirriculum. Anybody else agree or disagree!! Let's hear it Cisco! What's the problem?

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