Ganesh Hariharan Thu, 07/01/2010 - 01:36
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Hi, does anybody know where i can find list of available commands for each privilege levels by default in routers and switches?


By default, the Cisco IOS software command-line interface (CLI) has two levels of access to commands: user EXEC mode (level 1) and privileged EXEC mode (level 15). However, you can configure additional levels of access to commands, called privilege levels, to meet the needs of your users while protecting the system from unauthorized access. Up to 16 privilege levels can be configured, from level 0, which is the most restricted level, to level 15, which is the least restricted level.

Accordingly level 10 is a custom level, you have to define allowed commands for that level either via the privilege command or via the TACACS+ server. And accordingly debug is available by default for level 15, and you can add it to any customer privilege level.

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