Cisco PDSN Static IP routing issue

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Dear Friends,

I have present setup with MWAM PDSN card working in Cisco 7600.PDSN is working in clutsering mode with controller & backup controller having 6 diffrent member processors.Each processor is having diffrent ip pool & user is getting diffrent ip address dynamically from any of the pool when dialing through CDMA device.

Requirement - Now i want to introduce static allocation of ip for set of user from diffrent pool , same has been achived after setting the FRAME-IP-Address feild in Cisco CAR under userlist.

Problem is coiming in routing part since contoller is selecting 1 member processor out of six to randomly in round robin manner based on the algorithm of (no of maximum sessions/load session per member).

Suppose if i configured my new pool on processor member1 & enable routing through member1 its working fine

On PDSN Member 1



interface Virtual-Template2
ip unnumbered Loopback0
ip mobile foreign-service challenge forward-mfce timeout 10 window 10
ip mobile foreign-service reverse-tunnel
peer default ip address pool NEW
no keepalive
ppp accm 0
ppp authentication chap pap optional mn
ppp authorization mn
ppp accounting mn
ppp timeout idle 1800

ip local pool NEW cache-size 0

ip route <<-- Router towards Cisco 7600 Pi Vlan interface.

On Cisco 7600 router


ip route  <-- Router toward Pi interface on member processor1.

If a user will dial next time then controller may forward the request to member processor 2 ,which leads routing failure.since reverse router for subnet are pointing towards member processor 1 in Cisco 7600 router.

Please assist how to define that controller must forward request to processor one everytime for spectfic pool or specific user-pofile in radius or any other solution to cater the requirement.



Configurations enclose - Cisco 7600 router

                                     PDSN member 1 & 2.

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