Unable to login to CUCIMOC

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Unable to login to CUCI-MOC

Hello All,

We have MOC 2007 R2 running successfully in our setup. We are trying to integrate this with CUCI MOC and all the configurations on the registry and Call Manager is complete. However while trying login, we are getting the error message as follow.

“ A device initialization error has occurred. Failed to connect to CCMCIP authentication server “

Please help to fix this problem.

Screenshots are attached

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htluo Fri, 07/02/2010 - 07:46

What version is CUCM and what version is CUCIMOC?

Check if the Users Username/Password is correct.

  • Open the CUCM Users Home Page - https://:8443/ccmuser
  • Verify that User can login here using the Users Username and  Password.
    • If the user is unable to login here then usually the users  password needs to be reset. 
      • If the CUCM is synced with LDAP (Users details replicated from  LDAP ) then the Password must be reset in LDAP. 
        • If after the password has been reset in LDAP and it still does  not work it may be advisable to perform a manual sync between LDAP &  CUCM.
      • If the CUCM is not synced with LDAP then the CUCM administrator  should be able to reset the Users' Password.

Depending on your CUCM version, CUCIMOC login might be case-sensitive on username.



abraham23482 Fri, 07/02/2010 - 08:10


The CUCM is properly Synched with LDAP and we are able to login to ccmuser page with the user's credentials.

Do you see any other issues.

htluo Fri, 07/02/2010 - 13:49

Have you check the user ID?  What exactly is the user ID in CUCM > User Management > End User?  Does it have upper case/lower case mixed?


htluo Sat, 07/03/2010 - 07:43

Could you generate a problem report for CUCIMOC?


smhernandez Fri, 08/06/2010 - 07:54

We had the same issue with a customer. We have integrated the CUCM with LDAP but the login didn't work.We changed the password manually and it worked ok.

We are running the 7.1.3 cucm version.

We need to give a solution to the customer, Does anyblody know if there is an open case or a problem report to solve this issue?.



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