Who is the "vendor" in this question?

Are you wanting to trace something on the Central Controller to see why a PG is disconnecting? How many PGs do you have? Is one of them problematic and the others OK?

The ccagent process on the Call Router talks to the pgagent process on the PG using the DMP (Device Management Protocol) over TCP/IP.

On the PG itself, you will easily see CC disconnects in the OPC log without increasing tracing using the following dumplog command (put your own dates in):

dumplog opc /bd 07/04/2010 /ed 07/05/2010 /m "DMP Out-Of-Service"

On the Central Controller, rttest is a useful program to tell you the state of the nation - when the CC last heard from each PG.


Since there is no procmon to increase the trace on ccagent, you should do it in the registry. Normally I use 0xffff (four f's) and see how that goes. Maybe wind it back if there is too much rubbish.




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