davidkcampbell Fri, 07/09/2010 - 08:05
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You can defintely import to the phonebook on UCCX 7 (I had to patch it to SR4 though, as the import export buttons were missing on the base version). It does have to be in a specific CSV format. Just look in the CDA user guide and it will give you detailed information. I do not know about exporting from Rls 4 however, sorry.

If you cannot export it - and I bet you cannot - what you should do to make life easier for yourself is connect to the Directory Services LDAP (just download  a free LDAP browser and connect anonymously) and export the phone book (or phone book per work flow group) to a text file.

At least you have it then, and after the new one comes up you'll be able to use Desktop Admin to rebuild the phone book. It will save some time.




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