VSS and third party switches (ProCurve)

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Jul 9th, 2010

We are considering using VSS,  with a second 6500 we are procuring.   Originaly the intenet was to configure the second 6500 as a redundant fail over switch,  but I am considering going with a VSS solution instead.    The 6500's will make up the core,  doing internal static routing and will be connected to several HP ProCurve 8212 switches via 2-4 10Gbit uplinks each (using LACP).  

Is this configuration known to work with non Cisco equipment on the other end?   I'm thinking it is as  you can connect LACP bonded unix/windows servers to a VSS cluster,  but thought I'd ask anyway.  

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Correct Answer by Reza Sharifi about 6 years 7 months ago


It should work.  The only thing that is different is since this is a none Cisco device you can not use PAGP for  dual-active detection.  You have to use BFD or fast hello.

Have a look at this doc for more info:




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