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I know, its a Cisco forum and I'm sorry for this out of context question but I'm sure the veterans here can help me with a non-Cisco problem

I have a Nortel switch, BES1020 that I cannot telnet. I have the IP and user\pwd, I can access the wen console but it doesn't have the option to enable telnet.

I try a DB9 serial connection and can't get anything on screen using the default settings

any help would be appreciated

I have this problem too.
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you can access the CLI consol ??
if no ,you need serial cable : one Ethernet cable with to RJ45 connector + two converter from RJ45 to Serial + converter from Serial to USB
to connect it in your laptop ,,, i try this with Nortel switch and its work fine as console cable .

in web management interface go to security and check if there is any password can add it for Telnet
i think you will find only console password and web password

no, cannot access CLI - that is the problem. if I could I would enable telnet.

tried DB9 cable from the Nortel console port to a serial on a PC but it does not come up, not sure if it require a special cable

I'm not sure I get your connection solution:

is it using RJ45 in any of Nortel's ports going to USB\COM on the laptop


DB9 on the Nortel console port->to Serial\USB convertor on the PC?

on the web management there is a password for telnet but it should be enabled via CLI in order to connect



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