Trying to get TAPS running - Unified CM Telephony Subsystem Out of Service

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We're wanting to try out the TAPS application and so I'm mocking things up in our lab.  CM & UCCX versions are 8.0.2.  Plain vanilla install of both, no partitions, CSS, etc yet. Don't think that it would matter but just in case -CUCM running unlicenced demo and demo license from DVD applied to UCCX.

I installed and did the base config on UCCX, downloaded & installed the TAPS file from CUCM into UCCX, configured provider, app, trigger.

I'm still getting a fast busy dialing the assigned route point number (4000).  Dialed number analyzer shows pattern routed.

I've tracked things down to the fact that in servicability I'm seeing "Unified CM Telephony Subsystem Out of Service".  I have searched pretty extensively for a couple of days & not been able to find a lot of troubleshooting info nor a solution for this.

Our production environment is enterprise so I'm a bit weak on express.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks !


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Aaron Harrison Mon, 07/12/2010 - 03:01


Generally the telephony subsystem will go into 'partial service' if you have a few ports or CTI RPs out of service.

That it's out of service suggests something more fundamental has broken :-)

To find out what, you would want to review the MIVR logs in c:\program files\wfavvid\log\MIVR

If you want to try a quick fix:

- Go in appadmin to subsystems/unified cm telephony

- Click 'Data Resync' - this will check or fix up the app users and CTI Port/Route Point configs

- Check that you have the correct CTI manager servers selected in System/Unified CM Configuration

Also after the TAPS install you should have restarted node manager or the UCCX server entirely; there's also a TAPS service that needs to be activated usually on the CCM Publisher.



Thanks for the response.  I had already tried the various things that you suggested, a couple of times..  Also for clarification, this is UCCX 8_0_2 on the linux appliance platform, not windows. Still looking for a solution. I can't really call TAC on it because as I stated we're an enterprise customer & just want to use UCCX for TAPS so don't have an instance under smartnet...  Why on earth they wouldn't also write it for the multimillion dollar enterprise customers remains a mystery to me..



Aaron Harrison Mon, 07/12/2010 - 08:05

Well - for Linux your log retrieval will be different, but it will still be the MIVR logs you need to pull to see what's going wrong...



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