IPCCE ASA Skill group vs CALL TYPE

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westlad Mon, 07/12/2010 - 06:39

Complex answer...

They could be the same they could be different!

It all depends on, short call abandon settings, how many call types feed the skill group, how many skill groups are answering the call type, whether there is any delay in the call between starting a script and being offered to a skill group i.e. an audio file etc.

Do you have an example on where you are trying to compare the two? Maybe we can advise which measure would be more accurate in that instance and why...



it just one call type feeding this skill goup, and there is no delay in the script that mapped to the call type, there is one call type which directly point the call to the queue to skill group node and if it is busy the call will be queued until an agent become available, we are using CVP 3.1 as routing client with ICM 7.1.4 CCM 4.2.3, we need to know the difference between call type ASA and skill group ASA and why the are vary.


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