Digit collection while on hold

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westlad Mon, 07/12/2010 - 06:43

I have done this before, not sure if I used the best method though. I set the queuing audio file as a menu prompt with no replays and a timeout to be the same length as the audio file. If the customer pressed any button they went to a planned destination i.e. voicemail. If no buttons pressed then they continued to the next planned message or looped.

Worked ok.  But other may be able to present a better way.....



Talk them out of that. It used to be common with old TDM IVRs, but they were easier to program for that sort of interrupt.

With IP IVR (CRS) it is far easier to ask every time you report that all agents are busy. Something like "all agents are busy helping other customers. Press 1 to leave a voice mail, press any other key, or just stay on the line, for the next available agent".

This is a reasonably standard approach. It's essentially equivalent functionality.



Gabriel Saavedra Mon, 07/12/2010 - 08:45


You can also use the Create container prompt step to pull all the prompts you need. After that you can use the Get digit String step with the "container prompt" as your Prompt, then set this step (get digit string) to be interruptible. So you will have a succesfull step where you can send the call to the voice mail and a timeout and unsuccesful step where you can put a "go to" step to send the call to the queue again.



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