My success with a used UC520, and a few open issues

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Jul 12th, 2010
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Some of you may remember my posting about frustrations getting a used UC520 back to a factory reset, but thanks to David Hornstein I was able to get me going. I've used CCA almost exclusively, and here's a few notes about deploying the UC520 for 8 IP phones, 2 analog, and 4 PSTN (no voip).

The UC520 is sensitive to poor copper connections in the ethernet and analog PSTN connections.  We had two professionally installed ethernet runs of about 75 feet each that had been OK with other routers/switches, but the UC520 didn't like them.  Also similar for two analog lines.

It seems that many switches don't pass voice vlan packets, but fortunately we had installed mostly Cisco SF 100D--05 and -08 switches - these are unmanaged and cost less than $50 each.  The voice packets were even blocked by the factory defaults of a Cisco/Linksys SLM224 switch, and I didn't want to go into managing this switch to enable voice vlan traffic.  I simply juggled the 8 UC520 ports and the SF 100D switches.

The UC520 is slow and/or reluctant to give out DHCP IP and DNS addresses - all PCs, printers, and cameras now have static IPs and use and as the DNS.

Here are some open, minor issues:

I can't figure out how make changes to configure/voice/user extension information stick in CCA.  For example, I misspelled a user's name when I set up an extension in CCA.  But when I change the spelling in CCA, and do "Apply", and then a "Refresh", it always reverts back to the original spelling.  I also tried Apply and a Save Configuration, but still comes back to the misspelling.  The same for setting share/private extensions, or trying to delete an extension.  I fixed the spelling by wading through the cli.

The Auto-Attendent "Emergency Alternate Greeting" feature doesn't work. If the altGreeting.wav exists, then that's supposed to be played first, and then play the specified main message.  But the altGreeting.wav is never played.  Other forum postings way this is a bug in a AA script, and to just go into the script editor to fix it; no thanks.

The volume on external calls, on both sides is too low.  I found cli commands to set the input and output gain/attenuation, but CCA would be nicer.

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