William Bell Mon, 07/12/2010 - 21:44
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First thought is to check to ensure that you used the correct model type

defined. For instance, check your phone to see if it is actually a 7941G-GE

while the CUCM has the device configured as a 7941G (or check for the

opposite situation as the case may be).

Second thought is that we would need to know a little more about the error

message seen on the phone as well as message recorded in the application





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srizzu454 Mon, 07/12/2010 - 21:45
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Thanks for update,

here is my debug message

10:16:21 9: Name=SEP001B5413E0CA Load= SCCP41.8-3-4SR1S TFTP Error
10:16:21 24: Name=SEP001B5413E0CA Load= SCCP41.8-3-4SR1S Last=Phone-Reg-Rej

William Bell Mon, 07/12/2010 - 22:02
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There are logs with more detail on the CUCM server. Please post those.

There are various things that could cause a TFTP error:

1. An incorrectly specified IP address (static or DHCP) for the TFTP server

2. A misconfigured station in CUCM (check device name for instance)

3. TFTP service has lost its subscription to the dblnotify service. You can

test this with a TFTP client. Try to pull down the phone config XML to

your client. If you have multiple TFTP servers, see if one works and the

other does not.

4. The two messages you provided in combination could occur when the TFTP

server has an issue servicing the configuration file AND the IP address the

phone is using for TFTP is a server that does not have the call manager

service running. When a phone can't download its configuration, it will

attempt to register to the TFTP server.

#4 implies that you should figure out the TFTP issue as a precursor to

determining the registration issue as there is a likely connection.

Oh, and do ensure you check model types still.




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