issue with ATA186 and SRST

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Jul 13th, 2010


I´ve recently migrated 3 branch offices of a customer who has a CCM cluster 6.1, and on everyone of them the model is the same: IP Phones and ATA186 to replace phones, a 2960 Poe and a Cisco 2801 to be DHCP server and SRST for phones, and GW to PSTN.

But on one branch office, the ATA186s didnt upgrade the firmware when register to CCM, and didnt get the SRST info. Them register to CCM cluster ok, and normally operate receiving and making calls. I had to manually upgrade the ATA186s, but the SRST config cant be corrected. It still says that the default router is the SRST and not the Cisco 2801. The ATA186s and IP Phones of that branch has the same device pool and srst config, but IP Phones did upgrade ok and has the right config for SRST.

I´ve checked replacing the ATA186, and it´s the same situation.

On the other two branch offices this situation didnt occurs, ATA186s upgrade normally and have the right SRST config.

It seems an issue with the WAN link, but if it´s the case, why IP Phones upgrade normally and gets SRST config ok?

Any idea will be appreciated.

Andres Pasten C.

Adexus S.A.

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Marcos Assakawa Sat, 07/17/2010 - 12:53

Hi Andres, You may want to check the DHCP configuration and check if the option 150 is configured. If the ATA is successfully grabbing the TFTP IP Address, you want to make sure that the ATA is downloading the configuration file.  The configuration file will have the information about the new firmware version and also the SRST information. If you are not sure that the ATA is downloading the config file, you can either collect sniffer trace or TFTP traces of the TFTP server (need to set to detailed level).  I hope this help.  Marcos

andres.pasten Mon, 07/19/2010 - 06:56


DHCP configuration has option 150 configured. On that scope there are also IP phones as clients that correctly gets the srst configuration and have downloaded their firmware upgrade.

I´ll check the tftp traces on the ccm cluster like you said.


Andres Pasten Calzada

Adexus S.A.

Marcos Assakawa Mon, 07/19/2010 - 07:03

Hi Andres, If you verify that the ATA is downloading the configuration in the TFTP traces successfully, you can download the config file in your desktop and verify the content of the file to see if the SRST is listed there. In order to download the confg file, you basically need to install a TFTP client on your desktop and get the file from the TFTP Server. You should see the name of the file in the TFTP traces. It should be something like ATA+MAC Address.cnf.xml. I hope this helps. Marcos

andres.pasten Mon, 07/19/2010 - 07:44

Hi Marcos,

I´ve downloaded the files, and all of them has the correct SRST info:

User Specific

That´s the IP address of the SRST gateway, but on ATA appears the ip address of default router

I´ll check the traces later, because of customer authorization to make test.


Andres Pasten Calzada

Adexus S.A.


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