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Jul 13th, 2010

Dear All,

I am used to create simple scripts to select agents based on resource groups, however I am having trouble to create a script to select agents based on skill groups.

I basically have a CSQ with 6 skills groups within the CSQ. Each skill group has a competence level of 5.

I have the users assigned to the skill groups that the are part of and the proper competence level for each user.

My script is basically looking for available and ready agents on the CSQ and after finding an avaialable agent I send the call via Select Resource and Connect. It works fine when I have all my agents as members of all skill groups but this is not the objective.

I think I should have in my script something to check the skill group rather than CSQ. Is it correct? Has anybody had a similar problem.

Could someone give me a heads up on a skill type of script?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

I have this problem too.
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Aaron Harrison Wed, 07/14/2010 - 01:19


With UCCX, you can only send calls to a CSQ or Agent, so you cannot send to a skill directly.

To receive a call for a CSQ, the agent must have all the required skills at the minimum competence level, so what you have seen is normal.

Rather than assign six skills to one CSQ, it's more normal to assign one skill to a CSQ, have multiple CSQs, and assign the skills to the agents to link them to the various CSQs.

Perhaps if you can describe what you are trying to achieve with having 6 skills on one CSQ we could suggest an alternate setup.


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wagner.coelho Wed, 07/14/2010 - 02:00


Thanks for your response. Much appreciated.

This is pretty much what we were used to do with resource groups.

What I was trying to you is:

We have a contact centre that required 6 different skills. My idea was to have a single CSQ for the contact centre and 6 different skill groups associated to the CSQ, however if as you said if the agent must have all the required skills at the minimum competence level then all agents would be receiving calls from all skills groups.

This is not exactly what we need. The idea was a single CSQ and multiple skill groups but agents would only receive calls from their respective skill group.

Please let me know if there's any recommendation to achieve the above.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Aaron Harrison Wed, 07/14/2010 - 02:19


So you need to be able to send different types of calls (based on menu selection or whatever by the customer/caller) to different groups of agent - your only option here is to have 6 different CSQs, one for each call type.

You would then have 6 skills, one assigned per CSQ.

You would then assign skills 1-3 to agent A, skills 4-6 to agent B, and skills 1,4,6 to agent C. Each agent would get calls from the queues they have skills for.

This is better that the resource group approach, as with RGs, each agent can have one RG, and each CSQ can have one RG, so it's much less flexible.

With the skills, any agent can be added or removed to any combination of the six CSQs.




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