Cisco Line Group, Longest Idle time Distribution Algorithm Question.

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I have CM version: with Cisco Unity Connection version:

I have set up the Call Handlers to make calls to hunt.

The Line Group I set up has 13 People in it.

I have it set the Distribution Algorithm to Longest Idle time, and the phone template has the Hlog function so they can log out of the hunt group when they are away from their desk.

One agent stated that she received a call from the hunt list and answered.  Two seconds later she received a second call from the hunt list.

I figured it was so close that Cisco still considered her having the longest idle time.

She said later in the day it happened again.  This time it was about 10 seconds after she picked up and was on a call.

Is there a place I can tweak this?

How/when does CM determine your idle time.  I would assume as you receive the call that it would reset your idle time to zero.

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Aaron Harrison Wed, 07/14/2010 - 12:29


I would take a look at the CDR records for this users' phone.

A hunt group will not send a call to a line that is in use; whilst it's possible that you are seeing a bug it's far more likely that someone or something else dialled the users' handset directly rather than through the hunt group.



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Aaron Harrison Thu, 07/15/2010 - 09:28


There is a service parameter for the CallManager service named 'Log calls with zero duration' - it defaults to false... so if the call isn't answered, it won't appear.

As I say, I doubt heavily it was a hunt call....




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