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Jul 14th, 2010

we're collapsing multi AD domain to one AD domain.  we migrate the users first so our unity servers are not moving yet so we migrate a user we ahve to run grant acccess for the user to use viemail.  we plan to move dept at a time so want to know if there is a way to run grantaccess command for bulk users instead of one at time.

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David Hailey Sat, 07/17/2010 - 20:58

Natively, no.  The grantunityaccess.exe tool requires a single command per user specifying the required arguments.  However, you may be able to come up with a way to create a batch file that you can somehow modify as needed to make things more repeatable.  There is a reference to using a batch file but it's a bit different in's an excerpt from an older Unity guide referencing how the grantunityaccess.exe command would be used:

"For example, assume that JSmith, KChen, and NJones are the domain accounts of administrators who need access to another Cisco Unity server, and that their accounts are in a domain called NewYorkDomain. To associate these domain accounts with the built-in Installer account, open a command prompt window, and change to the CommServer directory. Then run GrantUnityAccess three times as follows:

GrantUnityAccess -u NewYorkDomain\JSmith -s Installer
GrantUnityAccess -u NewYorkDomain\KChen -s Installer
GrantUnityAccess -u NewYorkDomain\NJones -s Installer

If there are several servers that the administrators need access to, you can create a batch file that contains the commands to avoid entering the commands repeatedly."


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