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Jul 15th, 2010


It's a general question... perhaps basic!

RSVP-TE is one of the GMPLS protocol set.

Is it possible to use a GMPLS protocol outside an MPLS environnment?

e.g. RSVP-TE can be used to distribute VLAN in an Ethernet network.

If this Ethernet network has not an MPLS server network (i.e ETH > ETY, or ETH > SDH) is it still possible using RSVP-TE, that is a GMPLS protocol when there is no MPLS?

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I have this problem too.
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Laurent Aubert Thu, 07/15/2010 - 06:14


GMPLS is used to build end2end LSP in an environment where you have packet switching based backbone (classic IP) and non packet switching (DWDM, TDM,..) network.

From what I know, VLAN is not considered as a label.



hostettle Thu, 07/15/2010 - 07:08

Bonjour Laurent,

Thanks for the reply.

> From what I know, VLAN is not considered as a label.

In draft RFC we have now : Ethernet LSP, by opposition to MPLS LSP.

With the RSVP-TE procedure nammed "explicit control label" it is possible to change a C-VLAN or a S-VLAN in a remote PE. In this case VLAN is considered as a label.

Is this procedure can be used when we have ETH > ETY, instead of ETH > PW > MPLS > SDH e.g.

It would be GMPLS control plane with no MPLS data plane.

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hostettle Fri, 07/16/2010 - 07:42

Bonjour Laurent,

> From what I know, VLAN is not considered as a label.

I just saw that in RFC 3945.

"So, the new set of LSRs, or more precisely interfaces on these LSRs, can be subdivided into the following classes...2. Layer-2 Switch Capable (L2SC) interfaces: Interfaces that recognize frame/cell boundaries and can switch data based on the content of the frame/cell header. Examples include interfaces on Ethernet bridges that switch data based on the content of the MAC header"

Thus GMPLS covers also Ethernet (outside the MPLS forwarding plane, e.g. ETH > ETY).

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