Set speed/duplex for phone from cucm?

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Jul 15th, 2010


We have a few problems with PCs that link via IP phones (7940/41/42's) where they don't auto-negiotiate the speed/duplex properly.

I know you can hard set the S/D via the phone, but is it possible to do from CUCM?

We're using 6.1.2


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Aaron Harrison Thu, 07/15/2010 - 07:05


It's done from the phone interface only - it's also generally a bad idea. Better to resolve the problem with the NICs that aren't negotiating properly (i.e. upgrade drivers/firmware or replace).

Once you start setting these things on desktops you'll spend the rest of your life checking/re-setting the NIC properties, troubleshooting more performance problems where you have the phone set but the PC loses it's settings (or doesn't get them when swapped out) or the other way round etc etc...



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