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Jul 15th, 2010

I need some help on snmp views.  In part of our network, we have a series of remote routers connected
back to a branch router. No routing protocol is run over the WAN between remote router and Branch router.
The Ip subnet of the lan@ the remote router end is on the same network as the lan @ the branch router.  (This is a legacy solution!).

The only connectivity my company worry about is the WAN and that is all I want to collect via our SNMP Manager.
(that and linkup/linkdown).
I've been trying to find a OID value that will prevent the SNMP Management Station from polling and retrieving the
IP address of the lan interface @ the remote router end. But I'm struggling - I have tried various OID's all day but
the problem I have is that I still want my SNMP Management station to discover the WAN IP address etc.,
This is part of the snmp config below?
Am I doing something wrong? Any advice welcome....

snmp-server view novacm internet included
snmp-server view novacm internet.6.3.16 excluded
snmp-server view novacm ip.20 excluded
snmp-server view novacm ipAddrEntry.1 excluded
snmp-server view novacm ip.34.1.2 excluded
snmp-server community xxxxxx RW 99
snmp-server community cable-docsis view novacm RW 99

I have this problem too.
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Joe Clarke Thu, 07/15/2010 - 19:40

What is the NMS using to obtain the LAN IP address?  That is, what object is it polling?  If this were Campus Manager, for example, it could obtain such data via CDP and the CISCO-CDP-MIB.


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