Polycom HDX8000 and CUCM 7.1

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Jul 15th, 2010
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Has anyone successfully connected a Polycom HDX8000 unit to CUCM 7.1?  If so, do you have any configuration guides, howtos, etc.?  I have something from Polycom that seems to leave out some steps as I think it was done for CM 5.  The HDX8000 that I have does not talk SCCP only SIP.

Appreciate any help or pointers.



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auppal Sat, 07/17/2010 - 17:48
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  • Cisco Employee,

What is the polycom connecting to inside CUCM. A sccp video phone ? also where is the HDX connected is it local to the cluster or remote to the cluster i.e. on the internet. They are many scenerios in this deployment but simplest would be to create a sip trunk to the Polycom and no MTP check  should be the easiest way to integrate it. If there needs to be codec filtering on the ingress side then CUBE may come to the picture

dashaffe Mon, 07/19/2010 - 04:38
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The Polycom is directly attached to the CUCM.  There is no phone, no SCCP involved.  Your last statement about connective via a SIP trunk and no MTP is exactly what I am after, and I have directions from Polycom to make this happen.  Unfortunately they are not working and I am trying to find out if there is someplace I can look in CUCM to see the status of the connection.  I think that I have a userid/password issue someplace, but I'm not completely sure.  I also think that even if the phone isn't 100% configured correctly that the status of the phone should come up as registered and I should see the IP address.  I may have to tweak a few of the parameters to get it exactly where I want it to be.

auppal Mon, 07/19/2010 - 10:01
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  • Cisco Employee,

Ok so well the polycom is looking to register to the CUCM I suppose. Then use this link and treat the polycom as a sip phone


If you arent able to figure it out then sdi traces would be the best place to look as to why the CUCM is not registering the phone.


dashaffe Mon, 07/19/2010 - 12:30
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I went back through the directions and tried a few other things, and the Polycom finally did register with CUCM.  We have been able to place and recieve audio calls, and mix audio with video.  I found out we did not purchase the multipoint option from the polycom, so the features (audio conferencing) are going to need to come from CUCM.  But we are getting somewhere.

Abdo Ahmed Sale... Tue, 10/26/2010 - 03:06
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I have same thing and I added it as thrid part sip device alos I confgured the security profile what u attatched, but stale not registered??

What you mean by " we did not purchase the multipoint option from the polycom"??? Is there any thing need to be active from Polycom part>!!


dashaffe Tue, 10/26/2010 - 04:58
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Polycom sells as a software enhancement to their codecs the ability to do multi-port conferencing - either video/video or audio/video.  It essentially enables a multi-point bridge within the framework of their video systems.  That way you can do I think up to eight parties in your conference.  When you configure SIP on the Polycom you are connecting it to the phone system, so that the phone system is where you create your conference.  Unfortunately, the problem I ran up against was that while I could finally get the SIP connection to work, I couldn't figure out how to access the features of Call Manager to create a conference call, and add additional parties.  The softkeys for those functions were setup, but I didn't know how to setup the Polycom to use them.  What I could do was create a conference call from another Cisco phone and add as a participant the Polycom because Call Manager treated the Polycom just like another telephone extension.

Abdo Ahmed Sale... Wed, 10/27/2010 - 01:19
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Hi dashaffe...

Can you please send me the configuration. what did you configure on CUCM and HDX Polycom to register it.

Best regard


dashaffe Wed, 10/27/2010 - 04:21
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On one of my earlier posts, there is an attached document, the title starts with HDX.  I used that as the instructions.  I have to say I didn't completely understand it all, but I generally got the concept.  I would say that even if you don't follow them exactly, the user side on Call Manager and the setup on the Codec have to be very close to what is stated in the document and the codec should register.  Then you could work on any other configuration changes.  Unfortunately I can't be more specific, but what I did was pretty close to what is in those directions.  Pay particular attention to the user side setup on Call Manager, and especially close attention to the last page which is the Polycom part.

Good luck.



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