ESW520 and WLC2106 Mesh problem

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Hi everyone

I have a problem with mesh auth,, the scenario are the next:

       pto1        e1          e2     in                                            

WLC2106<<<<ESW520>>>>1522-rap1 ))))))) ((((((((( 1522-map1

                                                                  (((((((( 1522-map2

                                                                  (((((((( 1522-map3

On ESW520

VLAN 1   Default

VLAN 9  Wireless Mesh


e1        mode Trunk with 2106   (Vlan 1Untag and 9Tag) Fram Type All Access

e2        mode  Access with RAP1  (Vlan 9 Tag) Fram Type All Access

e3        mode Access with PC monitoring Mesh activity (Vlan 9 Tag) Fram Type All Access

On WLC2106


MGMT=   Vlan 9  Pto 1

AP MGMT= Vlan 9  Pto 1

RAP1 to MAP3 range IP= to

With this scenario only the RAP join into the WLC, but the other MAPs can`t authenticate into the WLC,,,

But If I connect a Linksys Hub betwen WLC and RAP and Untagged the Interfaces on WLC, the RAP and the 3 MAPs can join succesfully and everything works fine.

I dont know what is the problem with the esw520

I hope, someone can help me


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