non-WMM client, QoS Profiles and CAPWAP DSCP Marking

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Jul 16th, 2010

Hi Board,

I have a QoS question regarding upstream traffic (Client -----> AP -----> Controller)  for non-WMM clients.

Here's a quote from the "Wireless Mobility Design Guide" and "Voice over Wireless Design Guide":

"Non-WMM clients have the DSCP of their LWAPP tunnel set to match the default QoS profile for that WLAN. For example, the QoS profile for a WLAN supporting Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920s would be set to platinum, resulting in a DSCP classification of EF for data frames packets from that AP WLAN."

Referring to the "802.11e/WMM <--> WLAN QoS Profile <--> DSCP" mapping table, the DSCP values of 56, 48 and 46 are mapped to the "Platinum QoS Profile"

So - if a wireless frame (non-WMM) arrives at my Lightweight AP in a "Platinum" SSID, how is the outgoing CAPWAP data packet marked? Is it DSCP 56, 48 or 46?

The same question is for the other classes ("Gold, Silver, Bronze").

Thanks in advance!


I have this problem too.
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The WLAN can only re-mark client traffic that has existing DSCP values in the original packet, typically at the application layer. The platinum profile itself has 46 as VoWLAN, 48 as Mgmt traffic (CAPWAP etc), and 56 as network traffic, classifying them as such based on the original marking. The values are only remarked if the configured SSID is different.

This link provides a few more details:

jeremy.alexandre.alt Fri, 10/07/2016 - 03:28


I have the same question:

I have configured a small LAB with a WLC (8.3 software)

Regarding upstream traffic (Client -----> AP -----> Controller----> Server)  for non-WMM clients.

I generate a ICMP packet with a DSCP32 from my no WMM client to a server.

My QoS profil is Platinum.

I checked the outgoing CAPWAP header packet and it's marked at DSCP 26 (AF31).

Why this behavior ? As my understanding, the CAPWAP header should be marked DSCP 46 (EF), No ?

Thanks for your help.


Rasika Nayanajith Mon, 10/10/2016 - 15:37


Prior to 8.0 software releases UP value will be used to derive the CAPWAP header DSCP values.

In later release, original packet DSCP value is used to derive CAPWAP header DSCP (no longer UP value used)



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jeremy.alexandre.alt Tue, 10/11/2016 - 02:43

Hi Rasika and thx for your help.

I understand but in this case, why I have DSCP 26 instead of 32 on CAPWAP header ? (Remember that I look only the upstream for non WMM client in this example ; There are no UP field on 802.11).

Furthemore, I have a WLC default QoS config (I don't check the "Trust DSCP UpStream" checkbox on QoS config.

Tkanks :)


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