Firewall behind Cisco Router

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I have a Cisco Router and a T1.  On the router I have a site to site VPN set up.  To meet the PCI compliance requirements, we have purchased a Watchguard XTM device that I will use for IPS functions.   The WG is sitting between the router and my LAN.

With the router plugged into the WG and the WG then into my swtich, everything seems fine on my local LAN.  However, I am having issues when it comes to my VPNs and a different subnet.  The VPN's connect but I dont see any attempts from them to pass traffic through to the FB.  The logging shows nothing on the WG from these VPNs.

Has anyone ever attempted a setup like this?  Im having major difficulty getting it working.  Any help would be appreciated. I am new to configuring these so Im not real sure what needs checked.

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