RV 120w - Blocking Admin access on wireless AP Port

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Jul 16th, 2010
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Any suggestions on how to block port 80 http traffic to the wireless gateway addresses?

I have a RV120w setup with a LAN and  three virtual wireless access points. Each virtual AP and the LAN are in seperate VLANS with routing between VLANS turned off and in seperate subnets offering DHCP. I want one of the VAP's to be a free and open public network with no security, however I do not want any of the clients in this public wireless "zone" to have any access to the Admin login screen on the router. I attempted to block port 80 traffic to the router from clients within this subnet, but to no avail. 

The network / 28.  The gateway address is accessible from any of the wireless clients and I would like to turn that off somehow, as a a side note the gateway addresees for all the other VAPS are also accessible i.e but yet routing is turned off, I am by no means an expert and documentation or forums are scarce on this new router.

Help is appreciated.

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QuimaxWoods Thu, 07/29/2010 - 20:32
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I'm also looking for this, well almost. I was hoping to enable a "management" vlan that would be the only VLAN with access to the router configuration page.

In my case, I have a "Guest" wireless that's unsecured and on a seperate VLAN from the office network on which I want to block the management page. For now I'm relying on a strong password and non-default user name. Perhaps a future firmware release will enable this feature, or it's already there and no one knows where.

AdminMikey Fri, 07/30/2010 - 12:13
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A management VLAN would be a good solution, I too am relying on strong Admin credentials. I have done a considerable amount of research and googling and can't find anything regarding this issue and very little about the router itself.  I have a bunch of other troubles with the Rv 120w.

Other Issues:

1. Really poor performance on my site-to-site VPN, even with encryption turned off. It's probably related to my setup and my ISP, but without a stronger community for documentation or expertise - I'm dumbfounded.  Even the admin tools in the router are poor.  Ping for instance, can only ping - you can't add any switches to the command line to change payload or timeouts or check for defragmentation.

2. CPU usage goes completely to 100% after a few days and hovers between 96-100 for no reason what so ever. I have two routers and they both do it. This may be related to the VPN issue, I'm still testing. Reboot and the CPU goes back to nothingness for a few days.

3. Firewall rules are really tough to implement/change, if you need to reorder the rules or add a new rule that needs to appear before an existing rule, you have to rewrite the entire ruleset, at least that's what I have been experiencing.

Those are my top four for now, but I'm not done trying to exploit it's capabilities. I guess that's the price for bleeding edge - waiting on firmware and hoping for fixes.


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