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Jul 18th, 2010
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so, what i want to do is a kind of night service on my uc520. that is, when a call comes in outside our office hours (on whatever extension, globally so to say), I just want a "Unfortunately, you've reached us outside  of normal business hours" message to be played, after which the call is disconnected. the night service has to be enabled and disabled manually, because there are no predefined working hours.

i just like to know the easiest / fastest way to achive this. also, how do I record the night service message and which audio formats are supported by the uc520?

thank you very much guys!


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Steven DiStefano Mon, 07/19/2010 - 03:46
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While Night Service can be activated manually using a NS Toggle code

you set up with CCA, and can address your manual activation/

deactivation regardless of schedule issue, I'd have to check to see

it's impact on the AA Open / Closed greeting, which is selected by

schedule built for the AA.

When you build the AA, record an open and closed prompt. This puts

the custom prompt on CUE and makes it available for use and

adjustment. Then you can customize as you like, as often as you like

using the AA prompt management access code you create allowing

authorized phones to dial it and record right from the high quality of

a Cisco IP phone on the LAN.

Steve DiStefano

Technology Solutions Architect - Sales

Cisco Systems

Research Triangle Park

North Carolina, U.S.A



On Jul 19, 2010, at 2:25 AM, "lightxx1980"

David Trad Tue, 07/20/2010 - 20:05
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Hi Tom,

I would propose another solution to you, whilst not quite what you are after it has been a trusty old work around for me in many cases.

  • Create a DN (Directory Number) that has a Call Forward night-service to a General Delivery MailBox, you will have to have this set as your final destination, or impose this on your Shared DN if that is how you are managing your incoming cals.
  • Create a recording on the GDM to state that you have called after hours, and to either Hang-up or leave a message
  • Then create a Voice Mail-2-Email on that GDM so any voice mails deposited then get forwarded to a inbox of your choice
  • Have either the receptionist or another person allocated or even more then one person, to be admin's or members of the GDM, this way someone can jump in there and delete them when required too.

Most of this could be setup in CCA I think, however setting this up using CLI and or the CUE Web Interface is also a method I use, and in most cases find it more useful and friendlier then CCA.

This is just a thought for you to ponder over, I find that in most cases where there is a limitation there is usually a reasonable work around that can be applied, whilst it may not be perfect it does work




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