cable service-class docsis1.1 registered with cable qos enforce

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Jul 19th, 2010

Dear all,

recently i'm successfully managed to bring cable modem to docsis 1.1 qos, via cm config file.

and then already config cable service-class to match with cm config file.

the problem is cable modem still able online without matchin the cable service class configuration.

And i was unable to config cable qos enforce (cable service-class registered)... cause the cable modem registered with random generated service-class.

How can i be able to use the cable qos enforce in cable service-class docsis 1.1 environment ??

the documentation is in :


Budi L

I have this problem too.
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Chieh Yu Fri, 08/27/2010 - 15:01

Hi Budi,

In my experience the Service Class name TLV in the US Flow must match exactly with the "cable service-class xxx name yyy" in the CMTS configuration otherwise you will get a modem in reject(c) state.

Can you double check that the cable modem is indeed provisioned in D11 mode? The command for that is "show cable modem mac".

Just a side note - please make sure your D11 config file for the US and DS service flows has the Service class name, the QosParamSet, and the service flow ID.

Here's an example of a working D11 config file snippet and my CMTS:

Cfg file snippet:

        UsServiceFlowRef 10;
        QosParamSetType 7;
        ServiceClassName "UP-A";

        DsServiceFlowRef 20;
        QosParamSetType 7;
        ServiceClassName "DOWN-A";


cable service class 100 name UP-A
cable service class 100 upstream
cable service class 100 sched-type 2
cable service class 100 max-rate 128000
cable service class 100 max-burst 1522
cable service class 100 priority 3
cable service class 200 name DOWN-A
cable service class 200 downstream
cable service class 200 max-rate 128000
cable service class 200 max-burst 1522
cable service class 200 priority 3




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