NAC Profiler - NetWatch : "Invalid configuration file (missing InternalAddress)"

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I'm trying to configure the NAC Profiler with a 3310 CAS Collector. In the "Edit Collector" menú, it shows all the modules as "Running", except for the NetWatch module which shows a state "Invalid configuration file (missing InternalAddress)".

I configured the eth3 interface of the CAS as a monitor interface in the Profiler (see attached image), and I tested that the SPANed traffic actually reaches that interface from the access switch.

I'm using software version 3.1.0_24 in both the Profiler and the Collector.

I'd appreciate any help in setting up the NetWatch module.


I must add that I already checked the Cisco documentation, but all I found is that this message appears when the monitor interface is not configured for this module, which I think is not the case.

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