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Jul 20th, 2010
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Hi, Everybody.

could someone tell me something about the command?

MBO-RT-02#sh ip ospf de

            OSPF Router with ID ( (Process ID 1)

    Area BACKBONE(0)

    Intra-area Route List
*, Intra, cost 1, area 0, Connected
      via, FastEthernet0/0.1

MBO-RT-02#sh ip ospf ?          
  <1-65535>            Process ID number
  border-routers       Border and Boundary Router Information
  database             Database summary
  flood-list           Link state flood list
  interface            Interface information
  max-metric           Max-metric origination information
  mpls                 MPLS related information
  neighbor             Neighbor list
  request-list         Link state request list
  retransmission-list  Link state retransmission list
  rib                  Routing Information Base (RIB)
  sham-links           Sham link information
  statistics           Various OSPF Statistics
  summary-address      Summary-address redistribution Information
  timers               OSPF timers information
  traffic              Traffic related statistics
  virtual-links        Virtual link information
  |                    Output modifiers

Is a Hidden Command?


David Salazar

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Chetan Kumar Ress Tue, 07/20/2010 - 11:46
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Hi David

This is undocumented command by cisco .

This command shows you the lsas which have been deleted from
consideration.  as i don't have ospf running, i can't ascertain whether
this is lsas which were taken out of consideration by the SPF algorithm
or by other means.

ctalkb#sh ip ospf delet
  AS System  N

    Area BACKBONE(0)

    ROUTER and NETWORK LSDB delete list

      Dest:, Type: 0, Metric: 1, ADV RTR:
        gateway, interface Loopback0

    SUMMARY NET and ASBR LSDB delete list

    TYPE-7 EXTERNAL LSDB delete list

    EXTERNAL LSDB delete list  

Please refer the below link for Cisco undocumented command & there detail



Chetan Kumar


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