Why doesn't "show service-policy url-summary" work?

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Jul 21st, 2010

Does any one know -- At Cisco Live this year -- this command was shown as an Option to see the number of

hits on L7 class maps urls.

It's not an option for me:  Running A3 (2.5)


From A2 documentation  (maybe this command was dropped from A3 -- but that would be unfortunate)

To display the statistics for all policy maps or a specific policy map that is currently in service, use the show service-policy command. This command also allows you to display statistics for a specific class map in a policy or the hit counts for match HTTP URL statements in a Layer 7 HTTP policy map. If you do not enter an option with this command, the ACE displays all enabled policy statistics.

show service-policy [policy_name [class-map class_name]] [detail | summary | url-summary] [|] [>]

Syntax Description


(Optional) Identifier of an existing policy map that is currently in service (applied to an interface) as an unquoted text string with a maximum of 64 alphanumeric characters. If you do not enter the name of an existing policy map, the ACE displays information and statistics for all policy maps.

class-map class_name

(Optional) Displays the statistics for the specified class map associated with the policy.


(Optional) Displays a more detailed listing of policy map or class map statistics and status information.


(Optional) Displays a summary of policy map or class map statistics and status information.


(Optional) Displays the number of times that a connection is established based on a match HTTP URL statement for a class map in a Layer 7 HTTP policy map.

The URL hit counter is per match statement per load-balancing Layer 7 policy. If you are using the same combination of Layer 7 policy and class maps with URL match statements in different VIPs, the count is combined. If the ACE configuration exceeds 64K URL and load-balancing policy combinations, this counter displays NA.

I have this problem too.
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Sean Merrow Wed, 07/21/2010 - 18:42

Hi Dan,

The url-summary has only been added to the ACE module code at this time.  The A2 code train is only for the module, while the A3 train is only for the appliance.  The good news is that later this year, we will have a new software coming out (A4) that will be the exact same image that can be loaded on either the module or the appliance, hence all functionality will be the same for both (except the acceleration and optimization that only the appliance will support.

Hope this helps,



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