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We are using CUCM and CUPC and I have one user (the company president, of course) who cannot control his deskphone - each day he calls me in to his office and shows me that when he tries to dial from Outlook, the controlled device (deskphone) is not available -  I simply switch control to the softphone and then back again and all works until the next day. Please help!!

I have this problem too.
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htluo Wed, 07/21/2010 - 13:58

Does he leave the CUPC logged on for the whole night?

It may be the CUPC got timed out with CTIManager (on CUCM).  Switch the phone mode will re-initiate a new CTI connection thus regain the phone control.


Michael - Thanx for your reply - I was going to check this evening to see if he had logged out and instead, he left early today and did log out - so I will see if he has the trouble again tomorrow. I don't know if he does all the time or not.

In trying to research this I found a post of yours where you recomended that they increase the "CTI Request Timer" - might that help me - the "Request Timer" is set to 5 and the "Login Request Timer" is set to 300.

Also, will the log files shed some light on the problem here - I am very new to all of this but I discovered the "Create Problem Report" option under help in CUPC - there seemed to be lots of info in there although alot of it was greek to me.

Thanx Again

Update - I logged into the bosses computer this morning and got this error - I hit the "Use Softphone" button and (of course) I was not able to control my deskphone - changing the "Phone Mode" manually then made all OK.

So my questions is - Why is it not able to find the phone initially?

I also logged out and back in, and it found the phone with no trouble. Will try again in a little while to just see...

TIA for any help you can give



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