How to create a Script in AW server

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Jul 21st, 2010

Hi all,

         Can anybody pla help me with how to create a simpal script in AW server.


Ravi Sharma

Correct Answer by hiteshpa about 6 years 7 months ago

Hi Ravi,

We have a UCCE Scripting guide that you can refer to for getting help with creating scripts. The guide also gives you examples of scripts. Here is the link for it:

Hope this helps.



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ravi_1988 Sat, 07/24/2010 - 17:27

Hi hitesh,

              This is very helpful for me thanks for your help. Can u help me with one more thing.

               I am litiile confuse in Diff of Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Hosted, and ICM

pls help me with this.

Thanks in advance 

These products are all based on the GeoTel acquisition.

GeoTel ICR (Intelligent CallRouter) was the base product, enabling many different peripherals (i.e. PBXs like Lucent, Nortel, Rockwell etc. - and IVRs like InterVoice, Periphonics etc.) to be joined together in a functional contact center, although the initial implementation of ICR was in a different context - as a network router for service providers (AT&T, MCI, Optus, BT) through an interface called a NIC.

The NAM was a high-end conglomeration of a Network ICR (NICR) and 1 or more Customer ICR (CICR) suitable for service providers, allowing a hosted solution to be built.

When Cisco bought GeoTel the name was changed to Intelligent Call Manager (ICM) to avoid marketplace confusion with Cisco's existing line of routers. Thus the NAM (the hosted solution) now consisted of a NICM and several CICMs.

Since Cisco had developed their own switch/PBX for VoIP (after the Selsius acquisition) called CallManager, it could also be treated as a peripheral and slotted into an ICM. This became IPCC - IP Contact Center.

A couple of years ago, Cisco branding brought all products under a "Unified" umbrella.

Although the lines are a bit blurry (and I'll probably get corrected on this ), UCCE is IPCC (well, almost), ICM Hosted is the NAM, and the term ICM is mainly used when UCCE is implemented with non-Cisco switches (i.e. not CallManager).

Yeah, it's not that clear cut, but you get used to it.




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