7600 QoS questions. Migration QoS config from 12000 to 7600

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Jul 23rd, 2010
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Hi Gurus,

Got a QoS question.

On my 12000 series, i have the following config example for EF traffic

policy-map Inter-Site
  class NC
    bandwidth percent 1
  class EF
   police cir percent 80 bc 5 ms conform-action transmit  exceed-action drop
    queue-limit 5 ms

Im trying to apply this to a 7600 router,but im having a few problems. (running 12.2SR)

I cannot seem to apply a police cir percentage and then configure committed burst (bc) value.  It needs cir to have a bps rate rather than a perfentage before it will even let me configure a bc.  And after doing this, i dont seem to be able to configure a bc as a "ms" value.

In addition to this, i see there is a limitation on the 7600 where i cannot apply a queue-limit in "ms".  I have to specify a packets value.  Any idea on how i can configure the policy-map above onto a 7600 with exactly the same function?

thanks in advance!



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Jayakrishna Mada Tue, 08/03/2010 - 19:48
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Hi Chanuka,

Qos on these two platfroms is completely different.

On 7600 once you enable QoS based on the linecard, if the linecard support priority queue it gets all the bandwidth when there are packets in the Q.

The scheduler services that priority queue until the queue is empty before going to service other Queue.

So if you want to enable policing to drop the voice-traffic if it exceeds certain rate:

police cir (rate in bits) burst (in bytes) where

Burst = (Rate [bps]) * 0.00025 [sec/interval])           or (maximum packet size [bits]), whichever is           greater.

Here is good doc on policing on 6500:


I know that I have not given you the exact values that you are looking for as it depends on your traffic rate and how exactly you want to police.

Hope this helps.



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