MOH failed to Unicast, calls on HOLD dropped

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Jul 26th, 2010

We have 2 MOH virtual servers configured to source from 2 different TFTP servers in the cluster. The MRGL for MOH on the SIP trunks for outbound, off-net calls use that MRGL which lists both MOH servers in sequence.   Whenever a call used the MOH #1 , the call heard music, and was OK on HOLD. But when a call hit MOH #2, there was NO MUSIC playing, and the call on HOLD dropped within 8 seconds since the SIP SDP showed inactive RTP stream, so Verizon dropped the call.  Once we directed all MOH to MOH #1, then reset the MOH server #2 and reset the MRGL list, all MOh worked again normally.  There was no evidence of a problem, but  looking back, I see this alert in the TFTP server syslog,

Jul 16 15:32:54.615 UTC : %CCM_MEDIA_STREAMING_APP-IPVMS-3-kMOHTFTPGoRequestFailed: Start of download request failure. File Name: Cluster ID:C4 Node ID:CLT-UCMTFTP1C4
Could this be the cause of the MOH to stop playing , and result in silence on the line ( no RTP) ?  Is this a known problem in CUCM 6.1.5 version ?
I have this problem too.
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Adam Frankel Fri, 07/30/2010 - 08:18

I am going to assume MOH #1 was already working at some point and then it stopped working.

If that is the case, I could not find any known issues which describe the problem you faced.  I would suggest turning on the IPVoice Media Streaming App, and CCM traces to detailed level on all nodes.  If the problem reoccurrs provide a set of IPVMS and CCM traces from a working to a non working period to Cisco TAC.  If the problem doesn't reoccur after sometime, you can set the trace level back to a default level.

This document describes setting and collecting CCM traces.

Once again, you'll want to do this entire procedure for CCM (Cisco CallManager) and IPVMS (IP Voice Media Streaming App) traces.



markhayek Fri, 07/30/2010 - 10:02

Good idea, IPVMS traces set to detailed, but only have 16 files of 1 Mb each, increased files to capture this event if it recurs.


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