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Aug 2nd, 2010
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dear experts

would you mind please helping me in an issue i experience in my
work at a customer premises network?

i have two sites, site A & B, i'm the administrator of site A.

because the low upload speed that is allowed in the dsl connections
in this area i had to subscribe for another dsl connection to maximize
the speed of the upload. the only traffic that will be transmitted
between the two sites is a video conference traffic, so i have to
use the two dsl links to transfer the video conference traffic between
the two sites, therefor i installed a cisco 2811 router that has two ethernet
interfaces f0/0 and f0/1, each one connected to one of the dsl modems
via an ethernet cable . and then to configure a load balancing on the
two ethernet interfaces to distribute the video traffic over the
dsl links,

some people say that the video traffic will not be allowed to be
transfered over the two dsl links by load balancing.

so my question is, does the load balancing configuration on cisco
2811 router will let me transfer the video conference traffic over
the two links successfully with a fast and acceptable performance?

and in this situation it will be better to use load balancing per
destination or load balancing per packet ?

i appretiate your urgent reply
many thanks


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spremkumar Mon, 08/02/2010 - 03:31
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Because of the difference in the latency and path taken through the links it  will result in problems while reordering the packets.

Better to make use of one link for Video to avoid any quality issues with the video application being used.


labibmakar Mon, 08/02/2010 - 03:56
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thanks for your reply

but what if i want to make the other internet link to be the backup one for the original link to be used if the original disconnected of failed?

and can i use the QOS on these links to give a video traffic more priority than the normal traffic on both of the two links

thanks again for your help


spremkumar Mon, 08/02/2010 - 04:10
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You can make use of policy based routing to route your video conf traffic through one link and the other traffic through another link.

I dont know how much effective your QoS would be since its on a public network and you dont have any gurantee on any of the QoS parameters.


labibmakar Mon, 08/02/2010 - 06:31
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thanks  spremkumar for your reply

ok as you said i can use policy based routing to force the video traffic to go through the ISP1 link and the remaining data traffic to the ISP2.

but also i want in case of any link of the two links go down i want  all the traffic to go to the other link so i have to set  more priority for the video traffic than the normal traffic, because the video traffic in this situation is more important than any other traffic.

in other words suppose i'm going to PBR to force the video traffic to go through the ISP1 link, and any other traffic to go through the ISP2 link, in case of the failure of the ISP1 link the video traffic will use the ISP2 link so since the video traffic more important for me in that situation than the normal data i want to give it more priority than the normal traffic on the interface that connects to the ISP 2 .

so do i use any other solution than QOS or the QOS  is the best solution

thanks agian for your reply



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