3560G-48 - Getting close to port capacity

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Aug 3rd, 2010


We have 3560G-48's running at remote DataCentres(Connecting to 7200's via PortChan) - We interconnect to clients in these remote DC's via eth. At one DC, the 3560 is getting close to running out of ports(~8 remaining) - Simplest solution is for us to purchase another 3560G, run a portchan trunk to the 1st 3560G, and then when new clients connect we would need to add vlans to both switches...not ideal, but the only other option would be to upgrade to 3750's, and stack them?(3750's are nearly double the price though!).

Are there any other alternatives that we should be looking at?(Given a limited budget)

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jean.moncada Tue, 08/03/2010 - 17:04

why don't you get 2960G switches seems you only need layer 2 switches at this point since you already have layer 3 capable 3560'G and a 7200, seems you only need an access switch, for vlan's and spanning tree. you can uplink via etherchannel + trunk to the 3560's or straight to 7200 as well. I would actually setup portchannel and trunks to both the 3560 and the 7200 from the 2960 for redundancy, e.g if the link between 3560 and 7200 went down the 3560 could still get traffic from the 2960.

Here is the 2960 model comparison so you can choose the one that will best meet your needs.


Jean Paul Moncada

johnelliot6 Tue, 08/03/2010 - 17:10


We originally had 2960g's, but due to the vlan limitation(255) we needed to upgrade to the 3560s(Which support 1005 vlans)

Also, the 3560's are only performing L2 - Our 7200's are doing L3/BGP/MPLS/LNS duties.

Nagaraja Thanthry Tue, 08/03/2010 - 17:06


You can use 3750X series switches which are similar to 3750 series but are

cheaper than the regular 3750 switches.

Hope this helps.



johnelliot6 Tue, 08/03/2010 - 20:20

Thanks - 2960S only appear to support 64vlans, which we exceed currently on the 3560


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