Speed Dials on a Sidecar

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Aug 5th, 2010

basically my client wants to use his sidecar to store speed dials to his external num

bers like his home, etc.  They are under his directory and personal speed dials but is there a way that he can just press a

button on the side car (or phone) that is not in use and have the speed dial numbers dialed?

I have this problem too.
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Steven DiStefano Thu, 08/05/2010 - 07:25

I can offer some feedback here and will use the CCA configured system as the example.

We have two areas in CCA Expert Mode:

CONFIGURE Drawer:  Telephony- Voice Features:

-System Speed Dial

-Personal Speed Dial

System Speed Dial

Entries show up on everyones phone in the Local Speed Dial area (must navigate on the phone to get to these):

  • 79xx :  Local Services Hard Button (the open book button):C Local Speed Dial
  • SPA5xx: Settings Hard Button (dogeared page button): Directories, Corporate Directory, Local Speed Dial

An XML file is transferred to flash in this case containing all the numbers and button assignment that appear in here.

Personal Speed dial

These will appear on the phone buttons, if there is an available button.   It occupies the next free button slot.  if you adjust the phone button configuration, it will move as lower priority to the next free spot.

If it cant be displayed on a phone button, it will also appear inside the following area:

  • 79xx: CME Services hard key (Globe Button): MyPhoneApps:  Speed Dial Buttons
  • SPA5xx: Settings Hard Button (dogeared page button): CME Services: MyPhoneApps:Speed Dial Buttons


speed-dial 1 919193922000 label "Jims Cell"

When dealing with a 500S side car, since its paper label, you have to add a step to figure out where it landed so you can lable that button.




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