1142 AP Guest Network and ESW switch

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I have a standalone 1142 AP.  It is connected to a Cisco ESW switch.  For the guest wireless network, I put VLAN 12 on the AP with open authentication.  I added vlan 12 to the switch.  I added vlan 12 to the port the AP is plugged into and the port that is plugged into the router.  The router port is the dmz port for guest wireless access.  I changed the switch port to general.  The pvid is 12 with vlan 1 excluded.  The switch port with the AP is setup as a trunk port.

It can see the guess network but I cannot connect to it. If I plug my laptop into the DMZ port on the router, I can get on the internet.  The router is serving DHCP to the guest wireless clients.  If I try to statically assign an IP to my wireless client, I still do not get internet access.

The corporate wireless works with no problems on vlan 1.

Anyone have any ideas?

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