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Aug 9th, 2010

What do the registry settings for each Account Credential Synchronization do? I don't understand the documentation fully. It is saying to specifiy the source to use for synchronization. There is one for each of the below:

- WebConfService_UseCredentialsFrom
- VoicemailService_UseCredentialsFrom
- ContactService_UseCredentialsFrom
- PhoneService_UseCredentialsFrom

We have CUCM integrated with AD through LDAP. Voice mail us Unity with Unified Messaging. I guess I don't understand what each of these above registry values are doing and what to specify for them.


I have this problem too.
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Aaron Harrison Tue, 08/24/2010 - 06:07


Yeah, it's not documented well.

If you set one of those keys (for example ContactService_UseCredentialsFrom means 'For access to LDAP/AD, use this account', so set it to 'CONTACT'). Once you reload CUPC after exiting and killing any cucimoc.exe or cucsf.exe processes, you will get an 'Accounts' tab in the options pages. In there, you can enter your LDAP username and password, and that gets used for access to AD.

If for example, you have voicemail linked to AD, you can set  VoicemailService_UseCredentialsFrom to CONTACT, and it will use that same account.

If on the other hand your voicemail is non-ad integrated, set  VoicemailService_UseCredentialsFrom to VOICEMAIL, and after the close/kill/run CUCiMOC process you get another set of boxes in the 'Accounts' option page where you can enter your voicemail credentials.

Any clearer?


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