Location Appliance shows no clients

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Aug 11th, 2010


Our Location Server has recenlty been upgraded and we can't see any clients:

WCS ver =

WLCs versions are:                                                                      (WiSMs),                                                                      (4400) and

AppLoc was, but is upgraded to ver:

They're all synced to NTP.

sample Error seen in AppLoc:  ( is one of the WLAN controllers)

8/11/10 12:01:34 ERROR[locp] [21] The LOCP session target is not responding:  <LocpSessionTarget mode=CLIENT><LocpEndPoint status=INIT totalBytesSent=390 totalBytesReceived=0><LocpEndPoint.Key host= port=16113/></LocpEndPoint></LocpSessionTarget>

I have trached the original database , synced from fresh with the WCS, but no luck.

no clients seen.

Used Memory (bytes): 5801360
Allocated Memory (bytes): 9441280
Max Memory (bytes): 530907136
DB virtual memory (kbytes): 247
DB virtual memory limit (bytes): 32000000
DB disk memory (bytes): 8224768
DB free size (kbytes): 4784
Active Elements: 0
Active Clients: 0
Active Tags: 0
Active Rogues: 0
Active Elements Limit: 2500
Active Sessions: 1
Clients Not Tracked due to the limiting: 0
Tags Not Tracked due to the limiting: 0
Rogues Not Tracked due to the limiting: 0
Total Elements Not Tracked due to the limiting: 0

Has anyone have plan on how to troubelshoot this? Additional debug didn't shed any light.


I have this problem too.
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Pari Thiagasundaram Wed, 08/11/2010 - 11:17

First, you would need to get the WCS, WLC and Location servers on the supported versions.

WLC 6.0.188 is supported by WCS 6.0.170 and upwards. I would suggest moving to the 7.0 or the latest WCS 6 release ie 6.0.196. If you are on WCS 7.0.164, supported Location version is 6.0.102/101. Make sure you have the controllers on 7.0 as well.

Now check the clients and it should work.

Rollin Kibbe Tue, 08/17/2010 - 08:10

Hi Pvanvuuren:

You've got some good clues there.

8/11/10 12:01:34 ERROR[locp] [21] The LOCP session target is not  responding: 

If you know is a wireless LAN controller, why not take a look at the controller to see why it doesn't open the door when the Location Appliance comes knocking?

  debug nmsp connection enable

  debug nmsp error enable

  debug pm pki enable

That will show what's going on from the controller's perspective.  That last debug will confirm whether or not the certificate the Location Appliance presents to the controller is any good.


Rollin Kibbe

Network Management Systems Team


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