UC560 7962+2x 7915 Registration Rejected Max Phones

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Aug 11th, 2010
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I'm busy for one of our client. I have been having issues with installing the CUE locale (see another thread). I left that problem to rest to focus on configging the box for production.

The client has 2 7962 with 2 7915 addons. The Dutch locale wasn't working so I started tweaking some settings on the CLI (cnf-file location and cnf file per phone). After a reload the 7962 fail to register : Registration Rejected : Max Phones...........

Max phones = 64

max dn = 600

The client has 39 phones (37 504G and 2 7962).

Anyone any idea ???

I have tried deleting the phones, adding them etc.

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Steven DiStefano Wed, 08/11/2010 - 05:29
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Strabge....what does the licence count look like in your system (CCA Maintenance drawer or show license all CLI)?

Marcel Tempelman Wed, 08/11/2010 - 13:08
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thx for the reply. I have checked the licenses. I hadnt added the PAK-codes but according to CCA the evaluation license was still active. The strange thing was that only the 7962s got the error. After I restored a backup, the error was still there. Adding the licenses didnt solve it but changing the IP-address of VLAN 100 did....

The UC had 16 base license and was extended to 48 licenses.

I dont know where the problem came from or why. The only thing I did was trying to get the Dutch Locale active on the 7962s. Is there a possibility enabling presence could have caused problems ? I enabled it after the backup and seemed to work fine. Havent tried to enable it again after restoring the backup.

BTW hadnt paid any attention to the licens structure of the 560. Was this RT*M stuff or isn this realy included in the documentation ? Maybe they can make a add-license step in the config wizard.


Marcel Tempelman

Steven DiStefano Wed, 08/11/2010 - 13:33
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Hi Marcel,

The evaluation license saved my hide a few times because it allows you to activate a temp license for 8 weeks, in case you are on site and you realize you forgot to do this.   But when it times out, it needs to be replaced (actually before ) :-)


The Platform Reference Guide for UC560 helps you understand the SKUs supported and the  capacity of the system

I am not sure at all why the 7962 would do this as it is certainily a supported model, but if thats the only phone thats hosed, I would open a case.

You mentioned restoring from backup.  If your using CCA to do this it works great, but you must understand (it will be in the release notes for 2.2.5) that after the restoral, you need to close CCA and reopen it so make sure everything from the old cache gets cleaned.   You may notice when we do factory restart or SW Upgrade we close it automatically for you.  The COnfig Restore, you need to do that yourself (for now).

The language locale is not something I know much about since I support US partners as my job role and as you know, we are the default :-)

I do know some other folks who work Cisco world wide who are much better with that, and of course, the best advise is seek an answer here and then open a case if you dont get it.

Regarding adding something to the Telephony Setup Wizard, we have it.  Here is a snapshot of CCA 2.2.5 TSW for that License verification step...

I hope this post helped a little.


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